Monday, February 2, 2009

Dominic Refuses to Believe that Dolphins are Mammals

I've never seen Dominic like this. He is shrieking with rage at the program that's showing on Animal Planet. There are actual tears streaming down his beet-red face.

"Dolphins are NOT mammals, you MORONS!!!" he's screaming. "Bears are mammals!!! Donkeys are mammals!!! Does a dolphin look like a donkey to you!?! NO!!! It looks like a FISH!!! Because dolphins are FISH!!! You are either lying or just stupid, Animal Planet!!! Either way, you deserve to DIE!!! I'm going to KILL you!!! KILL!!!!! They're FISH!!! FISH!!!!!! FIIIIIIIIISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

That's an exact quote of what he's screaming at the TV right now.

I decide to go outside, and just out of curiosity, I walk down to the end of the block. Unbelievable. I can hear his shrieking at the TV all the way out here. So I decide to time him. He goes on screaming for eleven minutes, thirty-two seconds.

Now it's completely silent, so I go back inside to check on Dominic.

There he is, curled up on the floor in front of the TV, fast asleep.

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