Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Dominic Uses the Washing Machine Like it's His Personal Laundry Hamper

"Whenever I have an article of clothing that needs washing, I don't want it in my room, so I just throw it in the washing machine!" shouted Dominic. "I don't wash it right away, though! I let clothes build up over the course of weeks!"

What if someone takes your clothes out of the machine to do their own laundry?

"That makes me super angry!" Dominic shouted. "I always start screaming, 'How dare you put my clothes on the floor! don't you ever do that again!!'"

Oh, man. Washing machine hogs are like my biggest pet peeve ever.


Anonymous said...

Set him on fire!

Anonymous said...
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Ben Hatke said...

Hey blog administrator? I have some ...let's say "reservations" about that 123 123 fellow.

Bridget said...

Who's 123 123, Ben?