Thursday, October 27, 2011

Dominic Won’t Stop Talking Like a Mastercard Commercial.

Cheese puffs: $5

Pants" $5!

Not having to use a napkin: Priceless!


Television $5!

Sitting on the couch to watch television: Priceless!

Gallon of gasoline: $5!

Cigarette Lighter: $5!

Setting the couch and television on fire: Priceless!

I don't think Dominic understands the value of the dollar. Probably because these things were mine.


J. Smith said...

Dominic is the 1%. The 1% of the population that thinks it's ok to set another man's couch on fire...

Maurisa said...

I'm just relieved Dominic isn't yelling anymore.

Anonymous said...

Holy cow, J. Smith! I can't believe 1% of the population (3,000,000+ people) thinks it's okay to do that!