Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Dominic Got Us 86'd From That Great Bar

When the bartender was kicking us out, we tried to explain that it wasn't us who was slapping waitresses on the rear and picking fights with the customers. It was all Dominic.

"I don't care," said the bartender. "If you guys are going to bring riff-raff like your friend Dominic to my bar, then I don't want your business!"

The next time one of us finds a really great bar, let's all agree to not tell Dominic about it. ;)


Anonymous said...

Yah, or the next time we find a good parish. - ML

Bridget said...

I was there that night when we got kicked out. It was so embarassing. I couldn't believe Dominic's behavior. And why the heck did he have a cap gun that night and start yelling at everyone who walked in, "I'ma busta CAP in yo ass, sucka!"?