Monday, August 11, 2008

Dominic Ruined the Backyard Cookout

The backyard cookout was a lot of fun until Dominic showed up. :(

The first thing he did was commandeer the stereo and start blasting "Crazy B*tch" by Buckcherry.

"No, Dominic!" we cried. "People brought their little kids to the backyard cookout! That song is inappropriate!"

"I love this song," Dominic shouted. "It has the F-word in it!"

Then Dominic began downing shots of Everclear. "Watch me!" he shouted. "I'll drink the whole liter!"

"No, Dominic!" we shouted. "That's too much! You'll make yourself sick!"

But it was too late! Dominic was throwing up everywhere!

"I wish I hadn't ate so much sushi!" Dominic shouted.

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Bridget said...


All the things I hate happened at that cookout!!!!!