Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Dominic Prepared a Lunch of Canned Creamed Corn for Little Five-Year Old John Michael

"A U.S. Marine can down 1.2 kilograms of creamed corn in 45 seconds!" Dominic shouted. "You only have thirty seconds left, John Michael! So chow down, Marine!"

Five-year old John Michael did his best to eat those 1.2 kilograms of creamed corn as fast as he could with Dominic repeatedly shouting "Chow down, Marine!" in his face.

Then John Michael threw up.

Jeez, Dominic, you could have at least heated up John Michael's creamed corn.

Today's post was submitted by Chris M. who says he's got six kids that he'll never let Dominic babysit.


Maurisa said...

Sadly, this one is a true story. I was there! Dom's wife better not leave little W. alone with Dominic, ever!

Dominic said...

Ha! I was wondering if you remember that one, Maurisa!

I'll never forgive myself. :(

Abe Tolemahcs said...

That happened to be my son and that still makes JohnMichael angry at Dominic everytime he thinks aobut it but not as mad as the "Splat...banana cream pie death threats" from Dominic.

Bridget said...

I would like to defend Dominic here. He babysat my kids and everything went perfectly well while he was here with them! I'd trust him to watch them again any time!

DN said...

Bridget, are you sure those aren't an ENTIRELY new set of kids? Look closely.