Thursday, July 3, 2008

Dominic Fed the Dog Chocolate

Looks like you'll have to break the news to the kids: their beloved pet has gone to Doggie Heaven :(

That's right. Looks like the dog "somehow" got into some chocolate and ate it. I put "somehow" in quotes because Dominic's playing like he's all innocent. He says, "The dog probably ate the chocolate out of the trash."

Right. Who leaves a whole chocolate bar in the trash? Especially when you have a dog?

Then Dominic says, "Even if I did give it to the dog, it's not like I knew chocolate was bad for them."

Huh. Kinda makes you suspicious when Dominic goes all changing his story like that, doesn't it?


Anonymous said...

DOMINIC! Don't you get any ideas! My dad'll kill you if you kill his puppy...and then he'll revoke his permission to marry me!

Anonymous said...

I'll storm right into that kitchen and my Glen Feckless back!